The AudiCorporate Program

AudiCorporate is a unique program which delivers a set of special benefits to employees of Australia's “BRW Top 1000” companies, or companies that own a fleet of five or more luxury vehicles.

When you enter the world of AudiCorporate you enjoy:

  • No cost, scheduled servicing for 3 years or 45,000km
  • Preferential pricing on most new Audi vehicles
  • Corporate evaluation vehicles
  • Free pick-up and drop off of your vehicle for servicing in the CBD (or within a 20km radius of the servicing dealer)
  • Priority vehicle order and allocation
  • Loan cars when your A5/S5, A6/S6, A8, R8, Q7 or RS model is being serviced.

In addition, your company's enrolment in the AudiCorporate program means all eligible future Audi vehicle owners in your organisation automatically enjoy the benefits afforded with full access to all the information, privileges and assistance membership brings.

View the AudiCorporate® Program Terms & Conditions (387 kB)

View the AudiCorporate Brochure (9.4 MB)